But He Only Had Two Beers


May 18, 1910, Automatic Telephone The Automatic Telephone ensures privacy!

June 28, 1904, Rotary Phone

June 28, 1904: The rotary phone is putting Los Angeles switchboard operators out of work!

May 18, 1910, Two Beers

May 18, 1910: John Lyons had two beers late one night and decided to go home – only he wasn’t sure where home was. Unable to find his house at 946 W. Washington St., he decided that  the one at 1206 W. 6th St. looked very much like it.

“He entered the place determined to find solace in sleep. He began to collide with strange articles of furniture. He stumbled over beds, chairs and bric-a-brac, fell downstairs and did other gymnastic stunts until W.P. Henly, the owner, was aroused,” The Times says.  Neighbors helped hold Lyons prisoner while waiting an hour for the police to arrive but became so entranced by the passing of Halley’s Comet that they more or less forgot about him and when the case came to trial, his sentence was suspended.

On the jump, Moses Staple and Clarence Moore are each fined $15 for cheating brickyard workers with loaded dice.


June 28, 1904, Rotary Phone

May 18, 1910, Two Beers

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1 Response to But He Only Had Two Beers

  1. ibber mcgee says:

    Regarding “Two Beers Have An Odd Effect” — sure, it’s the old Halley’s Comet defense. But how often can you try that one?


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