Matt Weinstock, April 27, 1960


“You Flopped, Not I!”

The 'Other' Eddie Fisher Finds Life Never Dull


Matt Weinstock

    Eddie Fisher, 49, a special effects man at MGM, has accepted with patience and good humor the fact that he is frequently confused with Eddie Fisher, the singer.  He gets phone calls intended for singer Eddie, he gets his fan and pan mail.
    At the time singer Eddie was breaking up with Debbie Reynolds in favor of Elizabeth Taylor, the other Eddie, who lives on Cattaraugus Ave., in Culver City, received a call from a New York newspaper asking if he had anything to say.  When he said singer Eddie wasn't there the reporter asked what the real dope was, confidentially.
    MOST OF THE CALLS by the way, are from elementary school girls, not teenagers, who ask breathlessly if he is Eddie Fisher.  When he says yes they say, "How about singing for us?"  There is always a twittering in the background.  The reason he gets these calls is simple — his number is listed, singer Eddie's isn't.

April 27, 1960, Abby

    One time Eddie took a batch of letters back to the post office and said they were meant for his namesake.  He was asked if the name and address on them were his.  They were.  Then as far as the post office was concerned they were his.  Incidentally he has received some little beauties, bitterly denouncing him for the way he treated Debbie.
    BUT LAST WEEK the similarity of names reached a critical point.  Eddie was laid off his job at the time of the actors' strike and has been drawing unemployment insurance.  Last week he was notified his check had been stopped.
    At the state employment office he was told it was because of labor dispute.  He pointed out that his union had no labor dispute with the studio.  The interviewer phoned the studio and soon the truth filtered through.  The stop payment had been ordered for Eddie Fisher, the singer, who is under contract to MGM, on account of the actors' strike.  Through an error, someone put the finger on Eddie the Cattaraugus Ave. kid.  Incidentally, both have the same full name, Edwin J. Fisher.
    Anyway, Eddie Fisher, the special effects man, who finds a great deal in life to laugh at, got his check.
    A RUGGED LADY who lives in the Silver Lake hill country called the phone company to complain about  a $1.71 call on her bill which she was positive she hadn't made.  The business office lady gave her a calm-voiced explanation about message units, which she didn't understand, and she persisted in her refusal to pay for the call.  At length the phone company lady said she'd send a man to check her equipment.
    "Look, kid!" she retorted, "I had my equipment checked at Kaiser-Permanente last month!  It's your equipment that needs checking!"
    EVERY MORNING the oldsters sit around the lobby of the Olympic Hotel ("A Block From Beautiful Westlake Park") as in countless other hotel lobbies and discuss what's wrong with the Dodgers, the political candidates and the world. 
    Soon Gus, the handyman, shows up and runs the vacuum cleaner over the rugs and mops the tile around the TV set. 
    Gus was more disparaging than usual the other day about those who sit while he works.  As he swished his mop he remarked:  "I just figured out why this place gets so dirty.  It's the fallout from all that lousy conversation."
    AROUND TOWN — Autos are conspiring against people again, Paul Grimes reports.  The left turn blinker on the truck ahead of him on Beverly Blvd., in Montebello flashed on, then both the left and right went on.  Paul was so disconcerted he pulled to the curb and gave himself a sobriety test.  He passed . . . A Malibu plumbing firm, which also does cesspool work, received a letter from a  customer who wrote on the envelope, along with the address, "Anything for a buck" . . . A woman in a Renault on Melrose Ave. was shading her eyes from the setting sun with a sheaf of Blue Chip stamps.

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