Death at the Bimini Baths

April 14, 1910, Bimini Baths

April 14, 1910: The story is old and the details are fragmentary. Victor Lamar, 15, and Father E.V. Reynolds, a Catholic priest from Oklahoma, met somehow in Los Angeles. Reynolds might have paid Lamar $3 or $4 [$68-$90 USD 2009] to go “have a good time,” according to Marie A. Lamar, but her brother wouldn’t talk about it.

What’s certain is that Victor’s body was found at the bottom of the Bimini Baths, at 3rd Street and Vermont Avenue. Initial reports said he had been badly abused, but later testimony said injuries from vigorous attempts to revive him may have misled investigators. According to an autopsy, he died of heart trouble.

Victor’s father won a $1,000 [$22,738.82 USD 2009] settlement from the Bimini Baths for negligence, but The Times is silent on whether Reynolds was charged with molestation, although one story calls him “a moral degenerate.”

The Internet adds a few, skimpy details. There was a Father E.V. Reynolds in Chandler, Okla., about that time, but there’s nothing more. 


Oct. 30, 1908: Authorities investigate the death of Victor Lamar, 15, at the Bimini Baths.

May 18, 1909, Bimini Baths

May 18, 1909: The father of Victor Lamar brings a lawsuit against the Bimini Baths, alleging that it failed to protect the teenager.

April 16, 1910, Bimini Baths

April 16, 1910: The Bimini Water Co. is ordered to pay $1,000 in the death of Victor Lamar.

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