Paul V. Coates – Confidential File, April 2, 1960

April 2, 1960, Mirror Cover  

Mash Notes and Comment

Paul Coates    "Paul Coates,
    "Regarding the recent television show you had about the dog who was left behind in Kentucky and found his way to California and found his masters, probably the dog got rides and ran away from the drivers who picked him up.
    "I've seen many dogs keep up with their master's car when they move and leave them behind.
    "Our dog had never been outside our yard but when we gave him away he found his way back home, which was two miles away.  We've had him for 10 years now.
    "The Indians formerly believed that dogs and other animals were sacred, and I'm sure that Pekingese dogs are.
    "I know at least two persons who were mean to Pekingese dogs and they had bad luck ever since.  Sometimes they put curses on people."  (signed) Mrs. D.L. Los Angeles.  


 April 2, 1960, Caryl Chessman


    –And they call themselves man's best friend.
    "Dear Mr. Coates,
    "We watched your program on possible E.S.P. in the animal kingdom.
    "After pursuing the remarkable perception of the dog which found its way 2,000 miles to its masters in California, we have hit upon a possible explanation.
    "Apparently, the dog heard the master say they were moving to California.
    "Then the dog watched the general direction the family took.  He traveled this route, all the time keeping his ears open for the word 'California.'
    "Each time he heard this, he again watched the direction of travel and followed.
    "There is a moral to this.  When you're traveling the highways of our nation, and chance to see one of our four-footed friends walking along the side of the road, stop and tell him where you are going."  (signed) Kay Vanderburgh, Woodland Hills.
   –Especially if it's a Pekingese.  It doesn't pay to snub them.
    "Dear Mr. Coates,
    "I know a subject you and your public would be very interested in.
    "It is Mrs. Shirley Rau and her talking three-pound Chihuahua dog named Mr. Dempsey.
    "He's more human than some children.  He was raised like a child.
    "He has quite a vocabulary, and he doesn't bark — he REALLY TALKS."  (signed) Helen Simmonian, Los Angeles.
    –Ask him if it's true what they say about the Pekingese.
    (Press Release) "LAS VEGAS, Nev. –  International battle lines are taking fancy forms along the Strip in this desert playground.
    "In a direct assault on the many imported nude shows being staged along the Gaze-A Strip, Hotel Sahara has unlimbered a battery of American beauties to background their stars in spectacular Congo Room productions.
    "Behind the innovation is Milton Prell, executive director of Hotel Sahara, who preferred to 'Buy American' and who has come up with a dozen domestic dandies that freshen the Congo Room with the sparkle of their 'healthy' appeal.
    "In another twist that is almost unique along the Strip, the American girls are gowned, and the result is a picture of living beauty much more provocative than the undraped forms from abroad."  (signed) Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas.
    –Easy does it, men.  Let's not carry this nationalism too far.

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