Fiery Train Wreck Kills 17

March 2, 1960, Rail Wreck

The San Francisco Santa Fe Chief smashes into an oil tank truck and trailer 12 miles west of Bakersfield.

March 2, 1960, Elvis

March 2, 1960: Gov. Pat Brown gives up hope that the California Legislature will abolish the death penalty …  and Elvis Presley is being discharged from the Army. Presley tells reporters he's been dating a pretty high school student named Priscilla.

On the jump, Philip K. Scheuer reviews "The Pleasure of His Company" and Gil Hodges brings his first baseman's mitt to training camp, saying that if the Dodgers want to move him to third to make way for Frank Howard, they'll have to buy him a new one.

March 2, 1960, Train Wreck
March 2, 1960, Train Wreck

The work of an anonymous rewrite man who got ambulance driver Don Williams on the phone and turned his quotes into a story.

March 2, 1960, Death Penalty


March 2, 1960, Elvis

March 2, 1960, Cyril Ritchard


Dodger first baseman Gil Hodges shows Frank Howard how it’s done.


March, 1960, Dodgers

"I am absolutely convinced that the death penalty will be abolished in California and I hope that we will be one of the first states to do it," Gov. Pat Brown says.

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