White Sox, Reds Prepare for 1919 World Series

Sept. 30, 1919, Baseball

Sept. 30, 1919: Keith came over yesterday and said: "Hey, Lorenzo, you know that World Series page you posted is the Black Sox, right?" Actually, I didn't. So we're going to be following the 1919 World Series.

Oct. 21, 1977, Black Sox

Oct. 21, 1977: Robert Kirsch reviews Eliot Asinof's "Eight Men Out."

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2 Responses to White Sox, Reds Prepare for 1919 World Series

  1. Carol Gwenn says:

    Kudos to you, o modest man! I was sure you’d posted the 1919 World Series pieces BECAUSE of the “Black Sox” scandal.
    How nice to see that even a really sharp historian like you can admit to the occasional error in memory.
    LOVE the stories of the ’59 Dodgers, especially Madame Defarge – oops – Mrs. Bavasi and her knitting. Who knew?
    Keep up the stellar work – so many of us look forward to starting our days with the Daily Mirror blog.


  2. keith says:

    I agree with Carol. I’m sure Mr. Harnisch was merely testing to see that I’m keeping up with the posts.


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