Paul V. Coates — Confidential File, Sept. 23, 1959

Sept. 23, 1959, Mirror

Sept. 23, 1959: In Iowa, a host tells Nikita Khrushchev: “We have a saying — the Lord helps those who help themselves.”

Khrushchev replies: “God is helping us too, because we are developing quicker, and God therefore is on our side. He helps the intelligent.” One thing that struck me in reading the old stories about Khrushchev’s visit is how often he made biblical references. There’s no question that religion was against communist teachings and Soviet policy, and yet his conversation is dotted with Christian references.

The Air Force cancels the F-108 and North American Aviation announces plans to lay off 2,000 employees, divided evenly between plants in Los Angeles and Columbus, Ohio.

Sept. 23, 1959, Paul Coates

Paul Coates on how not to start a conversation … and Abby’s advice to a widow who wants to meet a good man and get married. 

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