What’s the Worst Baseball Movie (b/w) Ever Made?

Keith says: There’s also a scene in which Babe Ruth goes into a bar and orders milk.

So Larry and I were discussing the Mystery Photo one day and I
commented on actor William Bendix, who was in a shot with the
then-mysterious Noreen Nash. Bendix once played Babe Ruth in “The Babe
Ruth Story
” a film I said was without question the worst baseball movie
of all time.

Oh really, said Mr. Harnisch. And before I knew it, a survey was born,

We’d like to know your pick for the worst baseball movie. Since this
is The Daily Mirror, let’s limit the field to black and white

Here are some suggestions:

–“Angels in the Outfield,”  the 1951 version with Paul Douglas and Janet Leigh. Not the Disney remake with Danny Glover.

–“The Jackie Robinson Story,” starring Robinson in the title role.

–“Fear Strikes Out,” with Anthony Perkins as troubled Red Sox outfielder Jimmy Piersall.

There are tons of others–I’m not including some of my personal
favorites. There’s even another candidate with  Bendix called “Kill the
.” Here’s a glimpse of Bendix playing Ruth the way Jackie Gleason
might have played President Taft.

–Keith Thursby

Update: Author James Curtis says: Worst baseball movie, I’ll be curious to see if anyone mentions “Roogie’s Bump,”
which I saw one time at a Saturday kids’ matinee.

Alexa Foreman, researcher for Turner Classic Movies, says: “The Slugger’s Wife.”

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3 Responses to What’s the Worst Baseball Movie (b/w) Ever Made?

  1. Howard Decker says:

    Hoo, boy, there will be quite a list. I nominate for the Busted Bat Award —
    * “It Happens Every Spring,” 1949, with Ray Milland as a guy who discovers a foreign substance that avoids wood, putting his team on the road to the World Series;
    “Rhubarb,” 1951, wherein a cat inherits a baseball team;
    *”The Winning Team,” 1952 with Ronald Reagan as Grover Cleveland Alexander, Doris Day as his wife and Frank Lovejoy (the actor with the outthrust chin and exactly two expressions, total) as Rogers Horhsby.


  2. Stacia says:

    Babe Ruth’s first movie, “Headin’ Home”, is interesting for Ruth’s appearance only. It’s been on TCM a few times and I just really can’t stand it.
    “BASEketball” is also hideous, but it may not count.


  3. Native Angeleno says:

    Pride of the Yankees is a TERRIBLE picture. Gary Cooper aw-shuckses his way thru a good 2/3 of the movie pretending Lou Gehrig was a bumbling househusband, Dagwood Bumstead to Teresa Wright’s Blondie. Most of this wildly overrated dog has as much to do with baseball as any of the worst “idiot father’ sitcoms of the ’50s.


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