Teacher Puts the Broom to Process Server in Communist Probe; Meet Wilt Chamberlain

June 6, 1959, Terry

"Terry, What's Wrong?"

June 6, 1959, Jackie Leonard Beating

Police have few leads in the beating of boxing promoter Jackie Leonard, who was left partially paralyzed. Leonard had testified before the State Athletic Commission on corruption in prizefighting.

June 6, 1959, Red Probe

June 6, 1959, Teacher
Kindergarten teacher Ruth Adair Bishop, 54, whacks Grant P. Lewis with a broom when he tries to subpoena her to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee.

June 6, 1959, Mystery Plane

A B-24 Liberator that vanished on a bombing run on Naples, Italy, on April 4, 1943, is found in the Libyan desert with no sign of its crew: 1st Lt. William J. Hatton; 2nd Lt. Robert F. Toner; 2nd Lt. D.P. Hays; 2nd Lt. John S. Woravak; Tech. Sgt. Harold S. Rispslinger; Tech. Sgt. Robert E. La Montte; Staff Sgt. Guy E. Shelley; Staff Sgt. Vernon L. Ford; and Staff Sgt. Samuel R. Adams.

June 6, 1959, Gun Ad

Our favorite Pasadena gun shop has muzzle-loading shotguns. I can't imagine there was much demand for them, but maybe they looked good hung on a wall.

June 6, 1959, Shavuos

Jews prepare to observe Shavuos.

June 6, 1959, Sports Column Dodgers Wall

Frank Finch says Walter O'Malley didn't bring the Coliseum fence close enough.

June 6, 1959, Dick Shawn

Dick Shawn, best known today as L.S.D. in "The Producers," performs at the Cocoanut Grove.


Akron has Hakata figures.

June 6, 1959, Exploting Women
The women's club convention takes on a controversial subject: portrayal of women in American culture. Unfortunately, our story is vaguely written and incomplete.

Mrs. Walter Magee contended that the " 'loss of such a priceless possession' (respect for women) results from mass media downgrading of woman through overemphasis on bodily measurements and presentation of lower moral standards of conduct."

It difficult to be sure, but the resolution evidently called for some sort of boycott, which was strongly opposed by California delegates because the movie industry was a strong supporter of the women's clubs federation. The resolution was amended to remove the call for a boycott.

June 6, 1959, Exploit

Vincent Price delivers the closing speech!


June 6, 1959, Wilt Chamberlain Long before he became a Laker, Wilt Chamberlain was part on Los Angeles history.

Chamberlain would be part of the first NBA game played in the new
Sports Arena Oct. 1. His Philadelphia Warriors would play the St. Louis
Hawks in an exhibition game to help open the arena. It would not be
Chamberlain's first pro appearance in L.A. He played a game with the
Harlem Globetrotters.

–Keith Thursby

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3 Responses to Teacher Puts the Broom to Process Server in Communist Probe; Meet Wilt Chamberlain

  1. Vincent says:

    From the final few paragraphs of Frank Finch’s piece on Coliseum dimensions, it appears the “Moon shots” hadn’t yet come into play, that Wally Moon himself hadn’t mastered the inside-out swing that would become his trademark.
    In 1989, I attended Old-Timers Day at Dodger Stadium, and when Moon came up to bat, time was called and a batting practice pitcher’s screen was wheeled out to left to “replicate” the Coliseum. So what does Moon do? He singles to right (and I believe it was off Tom Lasorda!).


  2. Bruce says:

    Here’s a good link to the story of the lost bomber:


  3. Smi2le says:

    I knew the “broom lady” many years later. She was an unstable disruptive wacko who lashed out at anyone and everything around her and was regarded, even by her “friends” as a wacko.


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