Top Comedian Goes Crazy in San Francisco! May 14, 1959

May 14, 1959, Jonathan Winters

Winters later used his hospitalization in some of his routines.

May 14, 1959, Cover The Arechiga family, featured in the news because members were forcibly removed from two homes in Chavez Ravine, own 11 homes, The Times says.

Mayor Norris Poulson angrily says: "The family is not destitute. It owns more property than most residents of Los Angeles.

One daughter, Victoria Angustain, replies: "What's all the fuss about? We're not trying to hide anything. We never denied owning property. Nobody asked us. All the children are sticking together to help ourparents fight for their rights here."

Fifty years later, I have to agree with her. 

May 14, 1959, Jack Smith

Please notice: It was a Ford.

May 14, 1959, Arechigas

Poulson told someone else evicted from Chavez Ravine that they couldn't repurchase their home after voters decided not to build public housing …

May 14, 1959, Arechigas

… "since no portion of the land acquired for a public purpose can be resold for a private purpose." Like Dodger Stadium, perhaps? 

May 14, 1959, Art Buchwald

Art Buchwald's letter from Paris

May 14, 1959, House on Haunted Hill

"The only shocking thing about this film is its utter ineptness."

May 14, 1959, Li'l Abner

All this time I've assumed Al Capp's drawings of Moonbeam McSwine were extraneous to the plot. I guess not!

Left-hander Warren Spahn throws another win for Milwaukee, which moves into first place ahead of the Dodgers. 

My 14, 1959, Sports

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2 Responses to Top Comedian Goes Crazy in San Francisco! May 14, 1959

  1. jaded says:

    hey, I didn’t think “House on Haunted Hill” was that bad!


  2. Arye Michael Bender says:

    What the blurb on Jonathan Winters doesn’t say is that he was fish-faced drunk at the time. I know because I was later a friend of Winters’ drinking partner that night, Russ Coughlin. Russ was once the voice of Rags The Tiger in TV’s first cartoon series, ‘Crusader Rabbit’.
    Jay Ward, ‘Rabbit’s’ creator, went on to ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle’, and Russ became the legendary General Manager of ABC, San Francisco — and a pillar of the community.
    How Winters ended up high in the air that night, no one actually remembers.


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