Union Station Preview, May 2, 1939

May 2, 1939, Nazi Spy

"That I love peace is perhaps best shown by my work." –Adolf Hitler

May 2, 1939, Cover

Tim Turner covers Al Smith's arrival in Los Angeles, featuring quotes from a Negro porter and a Mexican bootblack … in dialect: "Ahl Esmeeth." 

May 2, 1939, Election

The Times runs its political endorsements in a box next to the runover of the election story. Among other things, we support a $3-million bond issue for the airport.

May2, 1939, May Day

This May Day photo of Red Square complements the Page 1 story on a speech at the Hollywood Bowl by Rep. Martin Dies (D-Texas) about the dangers of communist subversives.
May 2, 1939, Pulitzers

"Abe Lincoln in Illinois" and "The Yearling" win Pulitzers.

May 2, 1939, Union Station

A preview gala at Union Station has a Gay '90s theme.

May 2, 1939, Vice Investigation

The grand jury investigates bribery allegations against the mayor's former public relations aide … and another court battle to shut down the gambling ship Rex.

May 2, 1939, Whittier Avocado Festival  
The Whittier avocado show.
May 2, 1939, Theater

Casting for "Ninotchka": Cary Grant or William Powell?

May 2, 1939, Comics

Romance blossoms in "Gasoline Alley."

May 2,1939, Sports

The new Gilmore Field opens with a game between the Hollywood Stars and the Seattle Rainiers.

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