Israel Raids Egypt, Celtics Beat Lakers, April 30, 1969

April 30, 1969, Oh That Hair!

The 1960s were surely the hair decade. Ask your mom if she ever had a hairdo like this model in a Broadway ad. 

April 30, 1969, Cover

President Nixon urges "backbone" against student unrest.

April 30, 1969, Israeli Raid

Israel strikes Egypt.

Nixon plays "Happy Birthday" for Duke Ellington.

April 30, 1969, UCLA Official Resigns

A UCLA dean resigns over student militancy.

April 30, 1969, Metro  
An oil company packs up its drilling equipment after exploring for oil under City Hall and other buildings in the Civic Center … and a man is honored for chasing down a freeway gunman.
April 30, 1969, Censorship

School officials eliminate a song and some lines from a production of "The Fantasticks" being presented for high school students.

April 30, 1969, Sports After Game 4 of the NBA finals, the Boston Celtics talked about luck. The Lakers talked about losing.

Sam Jones' desperation, falling-down shot that somehow managed to go in was the difference in another close game, this time an 89-88 Boston victory. The series, once controlled by the Lakers, was now even at 2-2 and headed back to the Forum.

"I guess if the Good Lord wanted you to win, you'd win. … Maybe we deserved to lose," said Jerry West.

"Luck won out–no doubt about it. Those losses are the toughest kind to take when you have it won and it goes the other way," said John Havlicek.

Like most high-pressure games, there was controversy near the end. One Laker turnover was caused by an aggressive Boston double team or a foul that wasn't called, depending on your point of view. Another dispute centered on whether Elgin Baylor was out of bounds in the closing seconds. That call turned the ball back to Boston for Jones' final shot.

–Keith Thursby

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