Celtics Defeat Lakers, April 28, 1969

April 28, 1969 Lakers Game 3 

1969_0428sportsRO The Celtics returned home to Boston Garden for Game 3 of the NBA finals against the Lakers and the change of scenery seemed to help the home team and tire the visitors. Boston won, 111-105, to trail 2-1.

Laker fans could point to bad shooting nights by Jerry West (24 points after 53 and 41 in the first two games) and Elgin Baylor (11 points) but the Celtics were the aggressors.

Larry Siegfried, a tough guard who had 24 points for Boston and helped supply more pressure on West, talked openly after the game about his image.

"I know there are rumors that I'm a dirty player but I think the fans confuse a hard player with a fearless competitor. Jerry West is a great player and I admire him and I wouldn't do anything to hurt him," Siegfried told The Times' Mal Florence. "But I can't play like he does. I have to dig out there all the time. Shots don't come easy for me.

"I'm sorry that people boo me in other cities. But I can accept that as long as they accept me as a human off the court."

Siegfried must have anticipated Fred Schaus' comments after Game 4 about the Celtics' physical play. Schaus, the Lakers general manager, was fuming over how his team was treated.

"It's the same thing every damn year. [The Celtics] are hacking, slashing and knocking people down," he said. "Look at [Larry] Siegfried. He's always shoving and pushing and gets away with it because they do it so consistently. It's a shame the way they permit them to play. … There are two sets of standards in the NBA: The Celtic system and the rest of the league."

Game on.

–Keith Thursby

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