Vin Scully — Game Show Host

 Here’s more praise for Vin Scully …  the game show host.

Cecil Smith visited Scully on the set of “It Takes Two,”  which The
Times’ critic called “one of those inane daytime game shows.”  Smith, of course, was a fan almost despite what he thought of the show:
“Scully is an articulate, widely read man who knows as much about James Thurber as Babe Ruth and can discuss either with ease.”

“The show is designed for young housewives in the 18-35 bracket and preschool children,” Scully said. “I play it straight, just as if I
were describing a ballgame. I don’t play particularly to women, I try to keep the show rolling, keep it amusing, light.”

There’s some familiar ground covered in Smith’s column, such as Scully’s hope for more time at home with his family and his dislike for the rigors of traveling during baseball season. “I want to get off the road, I want to get off the baseball wheel,” he told Smith.

The show had been on less than a month, but Scully already had some evidence about his audience. ‘Well, in Houston one of the umpires came
over and told me he watched the show every morning and liked it,”
Scully said. He paused. “They tell me the show is for housewives and preschool kids. I wonder if they should include umpires.”

— Keith Thursby

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