North Korea Shoots Down Navy Plane; Dodgers Beat Padres, 14-0, April 16, 1969

April 16, 1969, Jack Smith and Mr. Gomez

Jack Smith on God and Mr. Gomez.

April 16, 1969, North Korea Shoots Down Navy Plane

N. Korea a test for President Nixon. 

April 16, 1969, Art Seidenbaum, Talk Radio

Art Seidenbaum on talk radio. 

April 16, 1969, Theater, Twisted Nerve

Kevin Thomas on "Twisted Nerve."

April 16, 1969, Comics

1960s art influences the comics.

April 16, 1969, Sports The Dodgers moved home plate 10 feet closer to center field during the winter and the maneuver immediately paid off.

The Dodgers clobbered the San Diego Padres, 14-0, in their home
opener with Andy Kosco hitting a grand slam and Tom Haller a three-run
home run. The small change in the field's dimensions made a big

"Neither would have been a home run a year ago. In fact, I think
both of them would have been caught–mine for sure," Haller told The
Times' John Wiebusch. "Andy's might have been off the fence but then
the more I think about it the more I think that 10 feet might have just
turned it into a big fat 0-for-1."

Kosco's home run landed in the first row of the left-field bleachers
and Haller's reached the first row in right field. The Dodgers had hit
only 25 home runs at Dodger Stadium in 1968.

–Keith Thursby

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