Did Ancient Lizard Cult Hide Gold Tablets in Tunnels Under L.A.? Jan. 29, 1934

Jan. 29, 1934: Gold hidden in network of tunnels under downtown Los Angeles!

Ancient underground cult blamed for terrible head bust in The Times!

Engineer’s radio X-rays reveal massive gold tablets beneath busy metropolis!

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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2 Responses to Did Ancient Lizard Cult Hide Gold Tablets in Tunnels Under L.A.? Jan. 29, 1934

  1. Sal B says:

    Amazing how G. Warren Shufelt’s fantasies mirror the science-fiction movies of the 1930s, such as Flash Gordon.
    Radio X-rays! that can see underground and locate gold tablets! A city of tunnels hundreds of feet underground! Lizard People whose 9-year olds had the intellectual capabilities of our college graduates!
    And the L.A. Times fell for it hook, line and sinker. Well, maybe the story took people’s minds off the Depression, which isn’t so bad a thing. Perhaps the Times could reprint this feature in a special section to take our minds off our present troubles.


  2. Jim Cubbin says:

    Is there a follow-up story? What was found, if anything? This could be a good filler for the paper on a very slow news day.


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