Second Takes — Billy Wilder

March 5, 1945, Billy Wilder

March 13, 1945_0313, Billy Wilder

After 13 films between 1938 ("Bluebeard's Wife") and 1945 ("The Lost Weekend"), there's a three-year gap before the 1948 release of "The Emperor Waltz." Wilder was active personally and professionally during this period. He divorced his wife, served in Germany (see story at left) and with Charles Brackett pursued several other projects as their contract with Paramount came to a close in 1949.

April 6, 1945, Billy Wilder

Hedda Hopper runs an item on Wilder on April 6, 1945.

Oct. 3, 1945, Billy Wilder, Divorce

At left, Billy Wilder is sued for divorce, Oct. 3, 1945. It's interesting to speculate whether Hedda Hopper, above, was referring to Doris Dowling, who appeared in "The Lost Weekend" and "The Emperor Waltz." 

Nov. 12, 1945, Billy Wilder

Nov. 12, 1945: Edwin Schallert reports that Billy Wilder has expressed interest in a story by Guy Endore.

Jan. 22, 1946, Billy Wilder, Emperor Waltz

April 16, 1946, Billy Wilder

At left, Jan. 22, 1946, Brackett and Wilder are at work on "The Emperor Waltz." But the April 16, 1946, item sounds like a sketch for "Some Like It Hot."

July 24, 1946, Billy Wilder

July 24, 1946: Doane Harrison briefly takes over for Wilder.

Dec. 28, 1946, Billy Wilder

Feb. 7, 1947_0207, Billy Wilder

Brackett and Wilder get Richard Breen for their upcoming film, "A Foreign Affair." At right, a project that eluded them: "Sorry, Wrong Number."

Feb. 17, 1947, Bill Wilder

March 22, 1947, Billy Wilder, Foreign Affar 947_

March 22, 1947: Brackett and Wilder are at work on "Foreign Affair." It will also be referred to in the gossip columns as "Operation Candy Bar."

May 28, 1947, Billy Wilder

May 28, 1947: Hedda Hopper plugs Marlene Dietrich for "A Foreign Affair." It's rather amazing just how often Hopper made pointed comments about casting in films. Not only did she lobby for certain stars to be cast in particular roles, she also criticized the studios for letting actors get away.   

Nov. 10, 1947, Billy Wilder
Dec. 30, 1947, Billy Wilder Dec. 30, 1947: Hedda Hopper reports that Wilder and Hedy Lamarr are an item. She mentioned them again in another item dated April 9, 1948, a little more than a month before the release of "The Emperor Waltz."

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    Thanks for always putting together such fascinating stuff!! I have this site bookmarked and always find something incredibly interesting here…
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