Christine Jorgensen Tries to Marry, March 31, 1959


Christine Jorgensen and Howard J. Knox attempted to get married, but could not obtain a license. 

The Times headline writers had fun with this: Ex-GI becomes GI-RL. Har har har.


And the same day, an ad for the upcoming release of "Some Like It Hot."


The Los Angeles City Council approves the Bunker Hill project. I wonder how lawmakers would react if they knew how many people today view their actions as a terrible mistake.

Of course, at the time, Bunker Hill was seen as a ramshackle collection of decaying mansions and old buildings that were falling into the street.

"Nancy" gets topical with rock 'n' roll.

A new agreement on the Rose Bowl game. Officials were especially eager to include Stanford.

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1 Response to Christine Jorgensen Tries to Marry, March 31, 1959

  1. Eve says:

    And to this day, transgendered people are screwed-over when it comes to marriage, even more so than gays. The laws vary from state to state, judge to judge, and anyone can divorce a transgendered person just by saying “I didn’t know!”
    Poor old Christine, great gal.


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