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Photograph by Ken Dare / Los Angeles TimesFrank Howard signs autographs during “Nuns’ Day” at Dodger Stadium, 1963
“Throwback” Thursby pulled this picture for a post coming up later this week and it was too good not to share. Isn’t it wonderful?

Here’s what we’re working on:

On Monday, Keith takes a look at old-school college basketball tactics before the shot clock was introduced. On Tuesday, he’s got buglers playing “Charge” at Dodger games at the Coliseum and on Wednesday, he’ll write about Frank Howard.

As always, we have the Movie Star Mystery Photo on Monday morning and I’ve been
going through historic photos of the Fire Department for something
Wednesday. I’ll also be taking a look at what was found in the Burbank time capsule.

We’re continuing our daily 10 a.m. posts on Raymond Chandler in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of his death, and our daily spin through The Times’ old movie ads at noon, working forward from 1909. And we have Paul Coates at 2 p.m. and Matt Weinstock at 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday to re-create the feel of an afternoon paper. (And you thought PM-ers were virtually extinct). Look for a Nuestro Pueblo and other surprises as the week unfolds!

Jalopnik has launched a long discussion about some of our old tire ads. We just never know what people are going to find interesting!

One other note: The Daily Mirror is getting ready to say farewell to Catriona Lavery, our UCLA intern for this quarter. Catriona did terrific work on the Norbo Grill and other research projects, as well as transcribing Coates and Weinstock. We will miss her and wish her well, but we are also looking for an intern–or two–for next quarter. If you’re interested, drop me a note. The unpaid internship is for a grade, and involves lots of digging in microfilm and musty archives.

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4 Responses to This Week on the Daily Mirror

  1. Vincent says:

    Great photo of Frank Howard — and certainly typical of the man. I’m sure he was very popular when he played in Los Angeles, but here in Washington he remains one of the most beloved athletes in D.C. history.
    Not only was he a fun player to watch for his towering home runs (several upper-deck seats at D.C./RFK Stadium were painted white to commemorate where Hondo hit some of his most memorable blasts), but he was — and is — a genuinely nice guy. When baseball returned to Washington in 2005, Frank was doing advance scouting for the Yankees, and he’d ride Metrorail from his northern Virginia home to go to the games, and invariably signed an array of autographs. He was just hired by the Nationals to work in community relations.
    One final note: Frank also played basketball at Ohio State in the mid-fifties — and he still holds the single-game record for rebounds at the ECAC Holiday Festival at Madison Square Garden.


  2. Arye Michael Bender says:

    Baseball, the greatest American pass time.
    Bar Nun.


  3. Thanks, Larry — this is one of my favorite blogs anywhere.


  4. Richard H says:

    “The Daily Mirror is getting ready to say farewell to Catriona Lavery, our UCLA intern for this quarter. Catriona did terrific work on the Norbo Grill.”
    Amen to that. The saga of the cafe entertainment permit for the Norbo Grill was the most entertaining read since this blog started. Something right out of a James Ellroy L.A. Noir novel.


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