Dear ‘Changeling’ Fans


Dear "Changeling" fans,

The Daily Mirror appreciates your interest and feedback. Some of you may wonder why your comments aren’t posted. The reason is that the Daily Mirror is dedicated to not spreading misinformation and some of your posts have errors–really bad ones. I’m speaking specifically of a message by "Lost" from ISP, (Typepad’s commenting keeps track of Internet addresses, so doesn’t really help you).

In the same way, I don’t post links to other sites of unknown or dubious accuracy. So "" is never going to see the light of day.

The answers to almost all your questions about Christine Collins are here. The best way to find them is a Google restrictive search like this: "Christine Collins"
And thanks for reading!

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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3 Responses to Dear ‘Changeling’ Fans

  1. shauna habersham says:

    Hello I feel so lost and hurt and confused when I saw the commercials I thought it was just another movie till scanning IMDb for upcoming movie and seeing the based on a true story I thought maybe it was an embellishment what would move people to do this to others then of course I’m reminded it still going on today
    My reason for writing is simple I would like my faith in humanity restored or in other words I want a happy ending
    Did she ever find her son?


  2. Frances says:

    I saw the movie today and it was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time , as a teenager my grandmother had told me about a time in Los Angeles back in the 20’s the General hospital how they had alots of people up in the asylm the Black Dahlia and she did mention the story of a man who killed lots of boys , so when the movie came out I was reminded of the stories my grandmother had told me…


  3. karel odink says:

    Dear sir or madam,
    I saw the movie a few days ago, but I was a little shocked at, I think intended, big mistake in the movie: Christine Collins is threatened with elektroshocks. But the elektroshocktherapy only came in use in the mid 1930′ s. So there you go with a true story. True fiction would be a better word.
    Best greetings, Karel Odink, psychologist and psychotherapist, Amsterdam, Holland


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