Voices — Christine Collins, August 16, 1932


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5 Responses to Voices — Christine Collins, August 16, 1932

  1. Jim says:

    One wonders how Walter would have fared in today’s prison system. Would he have been paroled? Would he have gotten better care? I wonder what sort of disease acute yellow atrophy of the liver really is? Perhaps cancer, perhaps some disease he picked up in prison.
    Christine must have been devastated.


  2. kelly conti says:

    i am not quite sure i understand? walter went to prison, why? at such a young age ? please explain?


  3. Kye says:

    This is a record of the death of Walter Collins Sr., Christine Collins’ husband, not her son. This is almost all the information on him that I can find, does anyone know more of him? He is never mentioned but from what I can find, Walter Sr. and Christine were married until Walter Sr.’s death.


  4. Pav says:

    I enjoyed tracking down all the info about this rather interesting case. I feel sorry for that poor woman, having a husband in a prison, trying to bring up a child, and then loosing her only son in such a horrible way, followed by a death of her husband in 1933…
    I think he could have died of hepatitis, jaundice. Quite likely in a prison condition…Alcoholic liver failure?
    I liked the film Changeling a lot. Only think that Angelina played a strong, quite wealthy looking woman, however from Christine’s letters, we know she wasn’t coping very well and lost her job too…


  5. tls says:

    Jaundice is a symptom of liver failure, not a disease.
    He died of liver failure, either hepatitis or alcohol induced. The terminology used on the death certificate is archaic, but means the same thing.


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