Police Investigate Sunset Strip Club, January 1959

Photograph by Larry Harnisch / Los Angeles Times

On a recent trip to the city archives, the Daily Mirror looked into the agenda packets for the Los Angeles Police Commission. We found an investigation of an application for a cafe permit at Pandora–later Pandora’s Box–8118 Sunset Blvd. The file reveals attitudes toward gays, includes an account of an arrest for prostitution, takes a look at jazz (those cats were noisy), describes the neighborhood (which also included the Garden of Allah and Sherry’s) and shows the challenges faced by restaurant operators–and police–in the 1950s.

“Location frequented by prostitutes and homosexuals,” hearing examiner said.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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2 Responses to Police Investigate Sunset Strip Club, January 1959

  1. Jazzfan says:

    Prostitutes and homosexuals with live Jazz to boot! Count me in!! Sounds like a fun place but don’t go near the restrooms. P’s and H’s are one thing but that darn jazz is corrupting our youth! All kidding aside, were there any big-name jazz acts that appeared there? I just checked Leonard Feather’s book and I could not this place or address listed in the club section. This book is from 1956.


  2. Arye (Leslie) Michael Bender says:

    Larry, How about stories and pix about the infamous, ‘Garden of Allah’? Bet the morgue is full of wonderful stuff on Allah that hasn’t seen the light of day in over fifty years. I can see the files smiling at the thought of re-exposure.


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