Voices — Christine Collins, November 12, 1930


From the California State Archives

The Christine Collins letters

The woman whose tragedy inspired the Clint Eastwood movie "Changeling" tells her story in her own words.

Los Angeles, Cal.
November 12, 1930

Mr. Chas. L. Neumiller
President Board of Prison Directors
Reprisa, California

Dear Sir:

In regard to the case of Walter J. Collins now before you for parole may I be permitted a few words?

have never known Mr. Collins personally and his prison record must
speak for him, but I have been daily in personal contact with his wife,
Christine Collins, for about a year and a half. She has lived in my
home during that time. It is for her sake I am asking your leniency for
Mr. Collins.

You have undoubtedly heard of the terrible strain
she has been under during the past two years and over and I want to
testify as to her condition physically, mentally and financially.

mental strain she has been under has been greater than the ordinary
woman could bear without breaking mentally, yet she has borne up, even
triumphed over it all.

Physically, she is a nervous wreck.
Unable to hold any position no matter how capable she might be mentally
to hold it. Often unable to leave her bed for two or three days at a
time on account of acute nervous headaches.

Her only means of
support has been cut off too. A sister who has been contributing to her
support is now unable to carry on due to her own ill health.

1930_1112_borton03_01Without her husband the future looks very dark to Mrs. Collins.

can you not find it in your heart to grant to this man a chance to make
good to this little woman who has stood so loyally by her husband
through his trouble and also undergone the loss of their only child
under such tragic circumstances?

If he had been convicted of
manslaughter he would now have paid his debt to society. Surely he has
more than paid for the thing for which he was convicted.

Will you not remember the words of our Master, who said: "As ye would that men should do unto you, do you even so to them."

Yours very respectfully,

Mrs. James C. Borton
2614 N. Griffin Ave.
Los Angeles, Cal.

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