Voices — Christine Collins, November 6, 1930

The Christine Collins letters

The woman whose tragedy inspired the Clint Eastwood movie "Changeling" tells her story in her own words.


Many people wonder if the religious leaders in "Changeling" are actual people. Here’s evidence that the Rev. Gustav A. Briegleb helped Christine Collins. A similar letter in Walter Collins’ file is from the Rev. R.P. "Fighting Bob" Shuler. 

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3 Responses to Voices — Christine Collins, November 6, 1930

  1. Ursula says:

    This is amazing stuff to see after watching the movie.


  2. vera kuang says:

    I really cannot imagine, if I were Her !! Christine collins.


  3. Leslie says:

    I cant even believe somebody would even do this to a little boy. This is so stupid and i hope nothing else ever happens to another person. I mean why would you do that. Walter never ever did anything to anybody. Him and his mother did everything on there own. And to the dumb ass police officers that tried to make her look stupid for knowning that the other little boy wasn’t hers, i hope you went to hell. Dear lord watch over Walter Collins and his mother while there in Haven with you. I pray that nothing happens like this to you guys and ya’lls next life… Walter Collins and his Mother. I Love You Guys.


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