Found on EBay — Mullen and Bluett

Here’s a postcard showing Mullen and Bluett, one of the high-end clothing stories in the early days of Los Angeles, Broadway and 6th Street. On EBay starting at $7.99.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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1 Response to Found on EBay — Mullen and Bluett

  1. betty hannstein adams says:

    My mother and two of my aunts worked at Mullen and Bluett in the early twenties. In my mothers things she kept a group picture which I have recently unearthed. It is a picture of approximately 150 employees of Mullen and Bluett and their families at an annual picnic taken on August 19th 1922. Some of the people are in bathing suits while others are very dressed up, women in hats, men in suits and neckties, a few of them with hats also. There are
    There are quite a number of children in the photo too… who would all be over 87 years old now! I would be glad to sell the photo to a collector, or share it with descendants of those employees.


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