Nazi SS troops kill wealthy Jews in orgy of murder, November 23, 1938


Death at Sachsenhausen.


These old papers are full of ugly stereotypes, but this one makes
a powerful contrast with the
Holocaust coverage.

The Times publishes a United Press story based a London News Chronicle account. The report says a group of 62 well-to-do Jews, mostly lawyers, doctors, landlords, engineers, businessmen and two rabbis, were forced to run a gantlet in which Nazi SS troops beat them with clubs and shovels. When the Nazis were done, 12 were dead and more were badly injured, "some with eyes out and faces smashed," The Times says.

In Los Angeles, acting Police Chief David A. Davidson transfers 22 men in the continuing shakeup of the department.

Read the fine print: Capt. C.B. Horrall, who will lead the LAPD through World War II, is shifted to the Metro Division and Lt. Arthur Hohmann is appointed police chief. Those are two names to watch for as the next few years unfold. 


Rachmaninoff performs at Philharmonic Auditorium and includes one
of his own works in a survey of piano repertoire.

Wedding bells for George Zaharias
and Babe Didrikson.
At left, the Cubs offer Dizzy Dean a $185,000 ($2,696,650.66 USD 2007) contract, which was what he was paid by the Cardinals. Oops, my error. Dean was purchased for $185,000. His salary was $20,000. Thanks for catching it!

In football, USC and UCLA prepare for their Thanksgiving game at the Coliseum.

"It was glove at first sight last night at the Olympic, Irish Mickey
MacAvoy and Al George proving themselves No. 1 contenders in the hop,
step and chump event."

–Jack Singer

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2 Responses to Nazi SS troops kill wealthy Jews in orgy of murder, November 23, 1938

  1. keith says:

    This is the same Dizzy Dean who tried to beat the mighty Yankees in the 1938 World Series with his wits, since his arm was shot. Seems that baseball owners throwing money at players past their prime is not a new trend.


  2. herb nichols says:

    if you read the story about dizzy dean, his salary was $20,000 not $185,000. he was purchased from st louis for the $185,000


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