Changeling stories — Part III

Photograph by Tony Rivetti Jr. / Universal PicturesAbove, Colm Feore as Police Chief James Davis, “Changeling,” set in 1928.

Los Angeles Times file photoAbove, Police Chief James Davis, 1926.
Northcott signs confession. I don’t care much for the press passes in the reporters’ hats (at top), in fact they make me cringe, but costume designer Deborah Hopper did a nice job on Chief Davis’ uniform, taking a small liberty to show a bit more of his tie.

At left, Gordon Northcott admits killing five boys, including Walter Collins. Northcott says he made Walter kneel at an improvised altar before killing him and kept his body around the house for several days. Northcott later told Christine Collins that he didn’t kill her son.

Below, Northcott’s mother is given a life term in the killings.

“I kept his body around the house for three days before I buried it.” “The old fool is crazy! There aren’t
any bodies!”

“My boy never had anything to do with the murders…. It was all my fault.”

“It is only because you are a woman that I do not sentence you to be hanged.”

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  1. Geez, the photograph by Tony Rivetti Jr. is out of focus!
    Couldn’t Universal Pictures have found a sharper frame out of his take?
    Terry Thomas
    Stills Photographer
    Atlanta, Georgia USA


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