Old-time radio — Yankees and Tigers, 1934


A new 1939 Tempo-Tone radio, sold by Barker Bros.
I’ve been a fan of "old-time radio" (or OTR) for years. When I started at The Times, I worked Saturday nights and there was nothing better than going home on the Pasadena Freeway and listening to the rebroadcasts of Jack Benny on KNX. (Unfortunately, KNX discontinued its old radio shows years ago).

In digging around for audio for Throwback Thursby’s piece on Bob Kelley, I found this site, which offers old-time sports broadcasts. At the moment I’m listening to the Yankees and the Tigers from 1934. As Throwback says, it’s incredible what’s out there.


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2 Responses to Old-time radio — Yankees and Tigers, 1934

  1. jaded says:

    cool, thanks. Now I know what to get my mom for Christmas.
    BTW, I love listening to Jack Benny on XM, or even Fred Allen. It sure brightens a dreary morning commute.


  2. Sam Flowers says:

    OTR is why I got XM radio. Now The Shadow, The Whistler, Gangbusters and Jack Benny can intertain me again..


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