Rosh Hashana, 1951


Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

Rosh Hashana preparations in Pasadena, September 1951. The Times reported a novel approach to holiday celebrations all under roof: Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist and youth services. Louis B. Silver, left, was to conduct the Orthodox services while Rabbi Max Vorspan, center, conducted other observances. Charles Price, at right, was to conduct youth services. Musical direction was under Mrs. Norman Hassler, a Christian who had served the Jewish community for 27 years, The Times’ Herb Brin said.

"In many ways, what we are doing here is analogous to the community church idea. It is important that we are Jewish," Vorspan said. "Our job is to satisfy the essential needs of all Jews without breaking the essential unity of the faith.

"It is an indication of a growing feeling on the part of Jews and Christians that the elements which have been dividing us are not nearly as important as the many bonds which should be uniting us."

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