Victory for Hitler, September 30, 1938

Agreement hands Czech territory to Nazis

Britain, France, Germany and Italy sign a compromise that is given to Czechoslovakia. If the nation refuses to accept being partitioned, it would stand alone against a German invasion.


Cary Grant is reading the script for "Dodge City" as a replacement for Errol Flynn in a cast that includes Olivia de Havilland and Victor Jory.



Munich conference

Czech leaders turn to President Roosevelt in hopes of avoiding the dismemberment of their country. "From the man in the street to the highest political personalities of the nation, everyone is depressed and downcast," United Press reports.

In Los Angeles, Mayor Fletcher Bowron moves to overhaul the Civil Service Commission and banishes the Los Angeles Police Department Vice Squad, which had been operating out of the mayor’s office under Frank Shaw …

A tornado kills at least 26 people in Charleston, S.C., and injures several hundred … 


Text of agreement

At left, an analysis by Pulitzer Prize winner Frederick T. Birchall of the New York Times says that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler got everything he wanted in the Munich conference. His only concession was to accept a longer timetable…

All of Germany celebrates Hitler’s diplomatic victory. The nation finds a new faith in Hitler’s "political finesse," United Press reports. 

Below, Pacifist Bertrand Russell says that war in Europe is inevitable.


Londoners pray for peace


Pope gives radio talk


61 held in vice raids


Cubs over Pirates, 10-1

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