Movie star mystery photo


Los Angeles Times file photo

Our actress had a long career on Broadway and appeared in silent and sound films as well as on television. She is listed in imdb (more than 50 credits) and Wikipedia.

Update: We have the correct answer from Gregory Moore Greg Clancey (congratulations!) but because he guessed so quickly, I’m going to wait until tomorrow to post the answer in case anyone else recognizes her.

Update 2: Ack! I went too fast. Gregory Moore guessed right. Gleg Clancey, alas, was wrong (but a good guess). Forgive my confusion over two Gregs, whom I was e-mailing at the same time!

Our mystery actress is Mary Boland, who appeared in "The Women," among many other films. How did Moore recognize her? He explains: "We’re both from Detroit."


Los Angeles Times file photo
Here’s a photo from 1935, when Boland was sued for $150,000 ($2.2 million USD 2007) on rather curious charges. Elizabeth Kummer, the wife of Boland’s nephew, George Kummer, filed a lawsuit accusing Boland of alienation of affections. Boland called the charges ridiculous.  The Times never reported the outcome of the litigation.
Los Angeles Times file photo
Here’s Boland with Charlie Ruggles, her frequent film partner at Paramount, in a 1948 production of the play "One Fine Day."

According to imdb, they appeared together in 14 films, including "The Big Broadcast of 1936," "Ruggles of Red Gap" and "Boy Trouble."

The Internet Broadway Database lists her stage appearances, including "Hellzapoppin."

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8 Responses to Movie star mystery photo

  1. Stella says:

    Theda Bara? something about her eyes in this picture reminded me of …


  2. Sandy Harrison says:

    Zasu Pitts?


  3. verbwank says:

    Ann Sothern?


  4. R Reedy says:

    Bette Davis??


  5. Rinky Dink says:

    Lois Wilson?


  6. Anne says:

    Clara Bow?


  7. Arye Michael Bender says:

    Her informal picture partner, Charlie Ruggles, was always great fun to watch.
    Another actor who was old when he was young, thus assuring a long career in which he never seemed to age.


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