Los Angeles mayor begins City Hall cleanup, September 28, 1938

Mayor Bowron asks 117 commission members to quit

Two members of the Police Commission resign and the head of the LAPD vice squad announces his retirement.


"You Can’t Take It With You," one of my favorites.

The Monte Carlo Ballet! It stinks!"


Bowron asks 117 to resign

Germany issues a new ultimatum on Czechoslovakia and King George VI places Britain under a state of emergency as President Roosevelt makes another plea for peace.

Quote of the day:
"I have done all that one man can do." –Neville Chamberlain

Italian leader Benito Mussolini says war in Europe is inevitable and tells his generals that fighting will begin in two or three days at most. Thousands of foreigners flee Italy by every available train and boat.


British fleet mobilized

On the jump, German military trucks and transports rumble through Berlin on their way toward France … Antiaircraft guns are mounted on the outskirts of Berlin …

In England, schoolchildren are evacuated and workers begin building bomb shelters and installing air raid sirens.

Wall Street reacts with uncertainty as war seems near … Greta Garbo sails from Stockholm for New York …


City Hall cleanup


Greenberg hits 57th home run

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1 Response to Los Angeles mayor begins City Hall cleanup, September 28, 1938

  1. Arye (Leslie) Michael Bender says:

    Another song from Milt Larsen’s immortal, Smash Flops comes up from the depths. Songs that would have been hits, except for strange twists of history:
    ‘Good job, well done, Neville Chamberlain. You’ve brought us peace in our time…’
    Memory doesn’t hold any more of that perennial. It has been fifty years since I heard it anywhere but inside my addled head.


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