Europe at brink of war, September 26, 1938

Diplomats race to prevent fighting

Czechoslovakia destroys bridges along its border to hinder German invasion.

"Too Hot to Handle," with Clark Gable and Myrna Loy.
1938_september_26_cover Times staff artist Harlan Kirby draws  a Page 1 map of the way Hitler proposes to divide Czechoslovakia. Kirby provided some of the dazzling maps The Times published during World War II.

President Roosevelt appeals to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and Czech President Edward Benes to negotiatiate instead of going to war … France puts 1.5 million men at the Maginot Line … Confessional Churches in Germany pray for peace … And Fletcher Bowron prepares to take office as Los Angeles mayor.


Douglas tests DC-4


London prepares to evacuate

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