Woman kills husband over singing, Reds win against Dodgers, August 27, 1958

Woman kills husband over singing

Madame Chiang Kai-shek visits Los Angeles
Was Benajmin John Beynon an abusive husband … or just a bad singer?

46, and his wife of six years, Anne, lived at 1946 1/2 New England
Ave., between Hoover and Vermont just south of Washington
. For the last
three years, Anne had been using a wheelchair, although The Times never
explained why.

On the night in question,
Anne wheeled her chair to the kitchen, got a knife and stabbed Ben in
the chest. According to Anne, Ben had punched her in the nose and
threatened her with a butcher knife.

Ben’s 18-year-old daughter, Linda Lee Klein, said that Anne didn’t like
Ben’s singing. She told police that Ben and Anne were arguing about his
singing and as he hummed a tune, Anne wheeled out to kitchen, got a
knife and stabbed him.

Anne was charged
with murder, but The Times never followed up on the story, so we don’t
know what happened. Tracking down any details is even more difficult
because we misspelled Beynon’s name as "Benyon." Most unhelpful.

to California death records, a woman named Ann Beynon died in Los
Angeles on April 13, 1970, but it’s unclear if it’s the same person.

Dodgers lose to Redlegs Former Dodger Don Newcombe, who was traded to Cincinatti in June, leads the Reds in a 6-4 victory over his old team, with help from Brooks Lawrence. Newcombe was 0-6 before he was traded, The Times’ Frank Finch says.

Art Aragon’s trainer, Bennie Conyers, visits the ballroom of the Lafayette Hotel, where challenger Carmen Basilio is giving an exhibition. "There’s a spy in the house today," Basilio quips to the audience before doing some shadowboxing.

And Eddie Mathews hits two homers as the Braves beat the Giants, 7-3. 

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1 Response to Woman kills husband over singing, Reds win against Dodgers, August 27, 1958

  1. Tim Ahern says:

    Reading the Doger game report on the 8/28/08 sports page, I noticed that the Cinncinati team is called the “Redlegs”, not the previous and current “Reds”. I believe this something to do w/ the Commie/Pinko connection to the word “Reds”. Am I correct?


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