Dodgers change game time, August 14, 1958

Dodgers change game time to 4 p.m.
By Keith Thursby
Times staff writer

Baseball or the beach?

Dodgers changed the starting time of three day games from 1:30 to 4
p.m. and said they were trying to make their fans happier.

have received complaints from fans who said that they would like to go
to the beach and the ballgame but can’t do both," General Manager
Buzzie Bavasi said. "We also realize that it’s uncomfortable for the
fans, sitting in the sun in an uncovered stadium."

Maybe that’s the real reason so many people bring beach balls to baseball games.

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2 Responses to Dodgers change game time, August 14, 1958

  1. Rufus Leaking says:

    That’s a great item…but how about taking a closer look at the Taunus? The Taunus? A German Ford. An economy car that’s perfect for L.A. traffic. I want a Taunus. Whatever happened to the Taunus? (Ford used to put out a British model called the Cortina…Wonder if there’s any connection).


  2. Charlie says:

    This “beach or baseball?” concept is even earlier evidence to support Lee Elia’s theory that all fans who attend day games are chronically unemployed 🙂
    The rant remembered:,1,4090986.storygallery


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