July 26, 1938




aul "the Porpoise" Chotteau collapses within 10 miles of his goal of swimming from Santa Barbara to Venice … A bomb in Haifa kills 50 people, wounds 58 others and touches off rioting … Kentucky Gov. A.B. "Happy" Chandler is recovering after being poisoned … And the city clerk’s office certifies petitions to recall Mayor Frank Shaw. The election is set for Sept. 16, The Times says. Candidates seeking to run against the mayor must qualify by Aug. 22.

ps. The last we heard of Chotteau, in 1960,  he was living in Key West, Fla. He had invented a pontoon boat to be towed by an unsuspecting shark that he would capture and harness. "Sharks make wonderful motors," he said, "Of course, sometimes they decide to go straight down." Hm. Sounds like a plot for "Jabberjaw."

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