July 15, 1938


From The Times’ editorial page, July 16, 1938. Note the Bible passage.


e can add this to The Times’ editorials against a federal anti-lynching law (not necessary) and offering refuge to people fleeing Nazi persecution (they would just go on welfare and take jobs away from Americans): What’s all the fuss with a recall election? One thing that’s evident about The Times’ editorial pages in this era is that they were staunchly in favor of the status quo.

Meanwhile, we seem to be in favor of a ballot initiative on working women that I don’t entirely understand. Looks like some digging is in order.
At left, petitions are filed seeking to recall Mayor Frank Shaw. He says his opponents are a "disgruntled, discredited, hypocritical handful of politicians, racketeers and misguided zealots…." Los Angeles? Why it’s the "white spot" of the nation!

And we’d be willing to host the 1940 summer Olympics after Tokio was forced to withdraw because of the war between Japan and China. 

Also … Katharine Hepburn and Howard Hughes? Let me say that again: Katharine Hepburn and Howard Hughes?

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Note to Jaded: It’s not such a bargain. Adjusted for inflation, $13.33 is $190.61 USD 2007.

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2 Responses to July 15, 1938

  1. jaded says:

    wow, according to the paper, I can travel round-trip to San Francisco in an air-cooled car, stay overnight at a decent hotel, and buy 3 lbs. of watermelon for $13.33 and 3/4 cents!
    Now I can’t even buy 3 gallons of gas for that.


  2. MichaelRyerson says:

    Yes, Larry, Katherine Hepburn and Howard Hughes. Apparently you missed the Leonardo DiCaprio turn as Hughes in Scorsese’s The Aviator with Cate Blanchette displaying her considerable gifts as Hepburn. You really should get out more. ; )


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