Mystery photo revealed!


Yes, it is Rod Cameron and Adrian Booth in "Brimstone," correctly guessed by Michael Ryerson, Michael Goosman, John Jarnagin, Gary Hertzberg and Howard Decker. 


More important, note the Colt Single Action Army Frontier he’s carrying. At least that’s my best guess. 


Above, our mystery guest, identified by Don Danard as: Adrian Booth, Lorna Gray and Virginia Pound (I would have accepted any of these names).

But of course, the Daily
Mirror isn’t done. Now the mystery guest is the fellow on the right.


And just because I’m in a good mood, here’s another photo. Keith Thursby asked if this was taken at the Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland. Alas, no. (This is on the set of "The Black Hills," Sept. 10, 1950).

Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

Speaking of fur coats, who’s the lady wearing this one? (She was photographed in March 1945 after being arrested on drug charges. She was later exonerated, see below). 

P.S.: Dig that great metal plate around the doorknob.

Hint: This actress has more than 50 credits on imdb and to the best of my knowledge is still alive.

Big hint: Our mystery guest appeared in a film with two of the actresses listed below (Lorna Gray, Ida Lupino and Rita Hayworth appeared in "The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt.")



2008_0709_mystery_pix02 Another vintage shot of our mystery guest, sans fur coat. (This is cropped from a still photo of "The Return of Captain America").


Another photo of our mystery guest. ("The Man They Could Not Hang," 1939)


Here she is in another fur. (Photograph by Roman Freulich, Republic Studios, Oct. 20, 1954).

  • Virginia Hill? Sorry, no.
  • Nora Eddington? Interesting guess, but no. This woman has more than 50 imdb credits and is still alive as far as I know.
  • Jean Arthur? Interesting guess. But I’m afraid not. This lady is still alive as far as I know. Jean Arthur died in 1991.
  • Lucille Ball? I’m sorry, this lady is still alive as far as I know. Ball died in 1989.
  • Jane Randolph? A very good guess. Our lady has way more credits on imdb, though.
  • Pamela Blake (with Alan Ladd or Elisha Cook Jr.)? Interesting guesses for sure. But no. 
  • Phyllis Coates? Interesting guess, but Coates has far more credits on imdb.
  • Marsha Hunt? Another interesting guess, but Hunt has far more credits on imdb.
  • Gene Tierney? (two people). Alas, this lady is still alive as far as I know. Tierney died in 1991.
  • Joan Bennett? I’m afraid not. This lady is still alive and Bennett died in 1990.
  • Ann Sheridan? Alas, no. This lady is still alive and Sheridan died in 1967.
  • Ava Gardner? Alas no. This lady is still alive and Gardner died in 1990.
  • Simone Simon? Alas no. This lady is still alive and Simon died in 2005.
  • Ava Gardner? I’m afraid not. This lady is still alive and Gardner died in 1990.
  • Rosalind Russell? I’m afraid not. This lady is alive and Russell died in 1976.

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24 Responses to Mystery photo revealed!

  1. zabadu says:

    Virginia Hill?


  2. Yvonne de Carlo??


  3. rotter says:

    Joan Fontaine


  4. Yvonne says:

    Susan Hayward?


  5. MichaelRyerson says:

    Nora Eddington


  6. MichaelRyerson says:

    Well, there goes my second guess, the late Ann Sheridan.


  7. Marianne Hatch says:

    Jean Arthur


  8. MichaelRyerson says:

    Ann Rutherford


  9. Greg says:

    She sure looks like Claire Trevor from the movie Born to Kill. I’ll throw it out anyway, even though she died in 2000. She even has the widow’s peak.


  10. Don says:

    She looks to me like Rosalind Russell. But imdb says she died in ’76.


  11. Rudy Cardona says:

    She is a Barrymore.


  12. anne salamunovich says:

    Is it Deanna Durbin?


  13. Arye Michael Bender says:

    Diana Barrymore?


  14. Denise Thain says:

    Marsha Hunt?


  15. Dan Dixon says:

    Pamela Blake? Maybe with Alan Ladd or Elisha Cook Jr.
    Dan Dixon
    San Pedro
    I emailed this as well. From now on I’ll try to keep it to one answer. Thanks.


  16. jeff prescott says:

    Is it Phyllis Coates (early Lois Lane)?


  17. Heather Collett says:

    THis is Ann Rutherford . I know because I saw her in DAncing Co’ED. I think she is also in Gone with the wind.


  18. Linda Carole says:

    Okay, Okay. When will you tell us???


  19. Jeff Prescott says:

    And she was great in The Three Stooges short, “Three Sappy People.”
    She has been in touch with The 3 Stooges fan club, too!!!!!


  20. MichaelRyerson says:

    Rod Cameron


  21. MIchael Goosman says:

    Rod Cameron on the set of “The Plunderers”


  22. MichaelRyerson says:

    It looks like a Colt model 1873 to me, riding comfortably in an early Arvo Ojala holster.


  23. Greg says:

    Lorna Gray!? Wow, this hard to do. Just for kicks, check out how much the redhead, Rhonda Fleming, looks liker her. As seen in B&W:
    Rhonda 1:
    Rhonda 2:
    Rhonda 3:
    Rhonda 4:
    Rhonda 5:


  24. zabadu says:

    Okay, now that I know, I’m still confused. Who? With that many credits, she’s still a mystery to me!!!


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