July 9, 1908




Above, 3rd and Hill in 1908 and via Google maps’ street view, below.

Dropcap_p_pontiac age 1 is quite a curio of another era in political coverage. "Women Vie With Men in Maniacal Howls" is not a headline one sees terribly often these days. 

The Times’ Harry Carr wrote of the Democratic National Convention in Denver: "David Belasco could not have arranged a  more wonderful stage picture than today’s demonstration at its height. No one who saw it can ever forget.

"Picture a vast hall, seething and boiling with the abandoned splendor of a mob. Men are standing in chairs, whirling their coats about their heads, madly swinging their arms and yelling like hell broken loose. The noise seems to sweep back and forth like the mighty gusts of a tornado."

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1 Response to July 9, 1908

  1. Jerry Grulkey says:

    I am researching anything concerning “Tourist” automobiles made in LA by the Auto Vehicle Company, from 1902-1910. They were very popular cars in the west and sold about 5000 in years of production. There were many ads and articles printed. If you see such an article please post date and source. A copy of the whole article would be of great help.


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