Carole Landis–RIP



Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

Carole Landis, July 27, 1937

Form 3.11

(Revised 10-3-47)

DR No. 486 592
Victim SCHMIDLAPP, Carole Landis (Mrs.) Residence Address 1465 Capri Dr., Pac Pal. Business Address Eagle Lyon Stud.
Date and time of death 7/4-5/48 9PM-3PM
Place and Address 1465 Capri Dr. Pac Pal Radio Dist 84
Date and Time Death Reported 7/5/48 4:15 PM
Div. Reporting West LA Clerk jlb
Location of Original Illness or Injury 1465 Capri Dr. Pac Palisades
Date and time 7/4-5/48
Div. of Original Occurrence West L.A.
Type of Original Report This report
Cause of Death (Poison, Heart Failure, Drowned, Traffic, Gunshot, etc.) App. sleeping tablets.

Motive or Reason
(Revenge, Rape, Ill Health, etc.) App ill health
Time discovered 7/5/48 3PM
Removed to Wilshire Funeral Parlor
Discovered by Mr. Rex Harrison
Address 1928 Mandeville Canyon

Phone AR 98549
Reported by Mr. Rex Harrison
Address 1928 Mandeville Canyon
Phone AR 98549
Identified by Mr. Rex Harrison
Address 1928 Mandeville Canyon
Phone AR 98549

Sex Fe Race Cauc Age 27-28 Height 5-6 1/2 Weight 120
Build Small Hair Auburn Eyes Unk. Complexion Dark
Identifying marks None
Clothing White blouse, black & white plaid skirt, moccasin type sandals gold and wht in color. Occupation Actress Descent American
Relative’s name Dorothy Ross
Address 1506 E. 64th St., Long Beach Phone LB 27131
Relationship Sister
To be notified by Brittingham, West LA Det.
Witness Mrs. Wasson
Address 856 S. Bundy Dr. WLA
Phone AR 72630
Witness Dr. N.K. Forster, M.D.
Address 1339 N. Capri Dr. Pac Pal
Phone SM 57747
Witness Fannie Mae Bolden
Address 155 E. 51st St., LA
Phone CE 21747
Witness Rex Harrison
Address 1928 Mandeville Cyn
Phone AR 98549
Further details

Coroner’s Office noticied (cq) Deputy Gooch. Homicide notified.

A note written and left by the deceased; to wit:

"Dearest Mommie,

I’m really, really sorry to put you through this but there is no way to avoid it.

I love you, darling, you have been the most wonderful mom ever.

And that applies to all our family. I love each and every one of them dearly.

Everything goes to you. Look in the files and there is a will which decrees everything.

Goodbye, my angel, pray for me.

SGD/Your baby."

Mr. Rex Harrison visited the deceased on 7/4/48 and left her residence at approx. 9PM. The following day, 7/5/48, Mr. Harrison telephoned twice and the second time the maid informed him she was unable to arouse the deceased. Mr. Harrison went to the house and arrived at approx. 3:00 PM. Accompanied by the maid, went to the deceased’s bedroom and found her lying in the bathroom on the floor. The maid went next door and called the police and notified Mrs. Wasson as to what they had found. At that time, Dr. N.K. Forster was called. At the time of our arrival at 3:55 PM, Mrs. Wasson and Mr. Harrison and the maid, Fannie Mae Bolden, were present. Dr. Forster came in shortly after our arrival. He immediately pronounced victim dead. Deceased was

Signature H.W. Brittingham Serial No. 2724

Signature M.J. Layman Serial No. 2606

Approved by (illegible).

If Additional Space Is Required Use Continuation Report Form No. 15.9
The Daily Mirror would like to thank a reader for sharing a photo of the first page of original LAPD report, which was too murky to reproduce.

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