Carole Landis–RIP


I discovered something interesting in trying to enhance this photo.



I was fiddling around with the contrast and brightness when the labels suddenly became readable — at least the larger type. Imagine my surprise. (No, I didn’t salvage this out of the photo above; someone sent me a scan.) The labels appear to say something like "Western Drug" or "Westwood Drug." Aha! Western Drug. Co., 5500 Hollywood Blvd., GLadstone-8192.

Update: According to an informal inquiry held in lieu of an inquest, the envelope shown with the pill bottles said (apparently in Landis’ handwriting):

"red–quick–2 hours

yellow about 5–can take 2"

Note that only one of these four bottles looks like the three found on the bureau, at left. That’s a total of six pill bottles at least. Maybe seven.

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