June 26, 1908


Above, Normandie and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, "Home of the Garbage Burrito."


Dropcap_t_1910 he Times’ Harry Carr, fresh from the Republican National Convention in Chicago, heads to Lincoln, Neb., to interview William Jennings Bryan, the Democratic presidential candidate.

"When he is on the stump, Bryan is the simple child of the people who helps baggage smashers handle his trunks. Today, in fact, he brought out a humble request that plain alpaca coats be worn at a banquet to be given him here in place of dress suits.

"Bryan, you good, old faker, if you can get away with that and also pose as the influential, rich country squire, you are a wonder, and I guess you can."

Glen Curtiss flies his Curtiss No. 2 airplane 41 seconds at an altitude of 40 feet for a distance of 2,175 feet. A record … President Grover Cleveland is laid to rest … And turmoil in Tehran …

On the jump, an armed mob hunts a man who robbed and beat a woman at Normandie and Santa Barbara (now Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard) and attacked another woman during his escape. 

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