June 18, 1938


irst, we have tragic news from Berlin: Panicked Jews wander the streets in hopes of avoiding mass arrests in which entire families are hauled away in the middle of the night.

"…officials explained that the anti-Jewish activities were necessary because ‘the Jews’ behavior lately has become provocative, resulting in growing indignation among the population,’ " The Times says.

The Times leads with a story about repercussions of Earle Kynette’s conviction in the Harry Raymond bombing. The most significant story is on the jump: Councilman Hyde introduces a resolution calling for the resignations of Mayor Frank Shaw, Police Chief James Davis and the entire Police Commission. The resolution was sent to a committee, where it was expected to lie dormant. But by the end of the year, a recall election will have changed the landscape.

Also note Betty Rowland, the "Ball of Fire," at the Follies.




he Times concludes its series on traffic in Los Angeles with a call to action: "Are the beaches and the sea to be separated by impenetrable masses of congested cars? Is mankind to stagnate in Southern California, fettered by its own lethargy when a means of release is offered? Those are the questions that must be answered either willingly or unwillingly. They cannot be escaped."

"…The monster of Frankenstein–the motorcar which has wrestled free from its master–must be made a willing and useful slave again!"

To emphasize his point, Ainsworth cites some figures from the Auto Club: Going from 1st to 10th on Broadway took 14 minutes, 12 seconds by auto and 12 minutes, 2 seconds by streetcar. The Auto Club re-created a horse and buggy trip that took 10 minutes, 21 seconds.

Ainsworth also talks about funding the freeways, a subject that I will leave to interested readers.

And yes, the contrast between the Holocaust in Germany and Southern Californians worrying about traffic is pretty stark, isn’t it?

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