Sirhan was a "taciturn individual who didn’t say very much; friendly, really pleasant  but hard to get to know. He was brilliant. He was studying Russian when everyone else was barely getting by in Spanish and English."  –William Spaniard, high school classmate

1968_0604_warhol_3 June 3, 1968: Andy Warhol is wounded by Valeria Solanas, who explains: "I am a flower child. He had too much control over my life." 

At left, a terrific profile of gunman Sirhan Bishara Sirhan by Times staff writers Robert C. Toth and Dave Smith.

"In their homeland, they had been an upright Christian family, among the best educated of their class, once accustomed to financial security but uncomplaining and industrious in hard times."


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"I saw him walking barefoot. He said it was because his father had beat him … and that he took a piece of iron, heated it on the stove and put it on the boy’s heel…"


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