Dodgers vote

June 3, 1958

By Keith Thursby

Times staff writer

As voters decide the fate of a baseball stadium for the Dodgers in Chavez Ravine, here’s a sampling of stories in The Times:

  • Walter O’Malley appeared on
    television to make a final push to support the stadium contract.
    Channel 13 aired a two-hour program that, according to a story in The
    Times, split time between supporters and opponents of Prop. B. That
    sounds downright fair after the five-hour program on Channel 11
    boosting the stadium deal.
  • The City Council had another
    explosive meeting over the stadium issue. Here’s a paragraph from the
    story, which did not carry a byline: "Blood pressures began to hit the
    ceiling as a majority faction in the council, which favors the Dodger
    contract to build a new stadium in Chavez Ravine, balked an opposition
    minority move to launch another propaganda barrage against the Dodgers
    by simply forcing an adjournment of the council." That’s propaganda?
    What about five hours on local television? 
  • Weird timing for this story
    in sports. Al Wolf reported that home runs are down in the National
    League so far in the 1958 season, so fears that the Coliseum’s short
    left field would give right-handed hitters an unfair advantage seem

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