Radio dial

May 11, 1958


Here’s a Dick Whittinghill jingle on KMPC-AM’s website.

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2 Responses to Radio dial

  1. Duane Laible says:

    For many years I “Whittinghilled” every morning on my way to work.


  2. MichaelRyerson says:

    0%? lol. Well, I liked and listened to Whittinghill nearly every morning but the 0% estimate he passes on here turned out to be a wee bit off. Every generation, it seems, laments the passing of their particular ethos as though the end of mankind is nigh. And we just keep bumpin along. I miss the big bands, too but that doesn’t mean the Beatles didn’t make good (maybe great) music or that Keith Richards isn’t a remarkable artist. Ozzy Osbourne you can keep.


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