May 16, 1958

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May 16, 1958: Above, The Very Rev. James Pike becomes Episcopal bishop of California. 


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In 1961, a group of Georgia Episcopalian leaders accused him of heresy, saying that he "expressed disbelief in the virgin birth of Our Lord, the doctrine of the Holy Trinity as stated by the church and the necessity of salvation through Jesus Christ alone."

Pike died in 1969 after he and his wife became stranded when their car broke down in the Judean desert.

Above left, Joseph "Sugar Joe" Peskin, a factor and former juke box figure, is pistol-whipped … and a dozen patrol cars respond to a brawl at Betsy Ross High, a school for "problem girls" at 717 N. Figueroa.

At left, the generosity of the Dominican Republic’s Gen. Rafael Trujillo toward Hollywood starlets (Zsa Zsa Gabor and Kim Novak) also extends to Joan Collins.

Quote of the Day: "Moslems teach one god and three wives and we teach one wife and three gods and it’s no wonder we are losing the continent."
–Former Bishop James A. Pike, on returning from Africa

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