April 28, 1958


By Keith Thursby
Times Staff Writer

It seems like such a small thing now. The Dodgers announced a deal with Channel 11 to televise eight games against the Giants in San Francisco.

Back in 1958, of course, there weren’t baseball games all over the dial virtually every night.

A story in The Times detailing the deal didn’t predict big money ahead for baseball teams or television stations. The idea was all about the fans.

Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley said the team had been amazed by the number of fans who had written wanting road games televised. He said most of them represented shut-ins at veterans’ hospitals in Southern California.

Vin Scully and Jerry Doggett, then broadcasting the Dodger games on KMPC, would alternate on television and radio.

These days, another broadcasting team and especially an ex-player or two would be required for most teams, although Scully can still be heard on the radio and seen on TV games.


Thanks, Keith…. Also note The Times’ coverage of proposed slum clearance on Bunker Hill. Angels Flight will be replaced by a moving sidewalk.

Quote of the Day: "Countless plans for redevelopment have been advanced and discarded. Too expensive or too much opposition from owners and tenants."  — Gene Blake, on the latest redevelopment plan for Bunker Hill

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