Mystery photo

2008_0324_mystery_photo Los Angeles Times file photo

OK, who are they?

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  • No. 1: Stanley Kramer? (Sorry, no).
  • Fred Zinnemann?  (Richard P. May). Excellent!
  • No. 2: Richard Rodgers? Fred Ahlert. Right!
  • No. 3 Oscar Hammerstein? Fred Ahlert. Right!
  • No. 4. Dr. Brian O’Brien? Sam O’Neal. Outstanding! O’Brien was research chief of American Optical Co., which developed the Todd-AO process (note the presence of the Todd-AO, 65-millimeter camera).
  • No. 5 Michael Todd? Fred Ahlert, Pamela Sowers. Right.

Although the date on the back of the photo is smudged (the year is illegible), it was apparently received in The Times archives on June 25, 1954. This would coincide with the first demonstration of Todd-AO for the press and movie executives on June  22, 1954, at  MGM in an event announcing that production of "Oklahoma!" would begin July 14, 1954.   

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1 Response to Mystery photo

  1. Arye Michael Bender says:

    This is a cheat, taking my cue from the camera. Someone (name not known) from American Optical, the company that provided the AO for Todd-AO, the camera and sound systems used in ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’.


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