Mystery photo

Emmett Kelly, Henry Fonda

Los Angeles Times file photo

OK, who are they?

  • Henry Fonda is one. (Regular reader Callbox Sam). Right. He's the easy one.
  • Henry Fonda's father (William). Sorry.
  • Darren McGavin of "Nightstalker" fame. Sorry, no.
  • Anthony Mann? Sorry, no.
  • Ernest Lehman? Sorry, no.
  • James Mason? Sorry.
  • Raoul Walsh? Um. No.
  • Manny Balestrero? Now that's an interesting guess! It's not right, but it's pretty interesting.
  • Nunnally Johnson? That's another interesting guess. But no.
  • Henry
    Hathaway? Yet another interesting guess! But, I'm sorry to say–no.
  • Emmett Kelly without his clown makeup? (Sam O'Neal). Absolutely right!

Emmett Kelly, Andy Devine

Los Angeles Times file photo

Our mystery guest, Emmett Kelly, with actor Andy Devine, the honorary mayor of Van Nuys, in a photo dated  Jan. 26, 1950.

Ronald Reagan, Emmett Kelly

Los Angeles Times file photo.

Here's our mystery man, Emmett Kelly, with California Gov. Ronald Reagan in a photo published Sept. 8, 1967.

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1 Response to Mystery photo

  1. Arye Michael Bender says:

    Emmett Kelly’s clown had a character name. It was Weary Willy.


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